Global Poll Uncovers Biggest Social Networking Addicts

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22nd June 2012 13:42 - Media and PR

A new international poll by Experian has revealed that Britons are not as mad about social networking as previously thought.

Eight countries were compared in terms of the percentage of Internet visits they spend on social networking sites – these were Australia, Brazil, France, India, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Brazil came out on top with 18.9% of their Internet market share going to social networks, and Singapore ranked second with 16.4%.

In contrast, People in the UK spend a surprisingly low percentage of their Internet visits on social networking sites at 12.2%. This figure contrasts previous UK studies this year and last, which included many children saying that Facebook and Twitter are "more important than family".

Further results from the survey demonstrated how different industries attract website traffic as a direct result of social networks. For example, social network users in Brazil, India and Singapore rarely visit retail websites after being on a social network.

For Britons, entertainment topped the list of websites visited after social networks, with BBC's iPlayer and Sky Sports ranking high in popularity.

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