Greater ROI for programmatic advertising, survey finds

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30th March 2016 10:23 - Media and PR

According to a recent survey by the digital marketing experts, AdRoll, the majority of marketing professionals believe that programmatic adverts provice a greater return on investment (ROI) than traditional media.Greater ROI for programmatic advertising, survey finds

The market researchers spoke with 220 senior marketing or advertising professionals in the United Kingdom and discovered that 61 per cent believe programmatic advertising brings a greater ROI than forms of traditionally bought medi.

Of the marketers in the survey, 45 per cent said that they are intending to increase their programmatic advertising budgets this year.

The market research also uncovered that 40 per cent are currently spending money programmatically on mobile advertising. A further 29 per cent are paying programmatically on video ads, and 27 per cent on TV adverts.

Advertising on social media and display were the most frequently purchased programmatically amongst the respondents, at a rate of 66 per cent and 51 per cent respectively.

Of the respondents, 58 per cent said they were planning to increase their investment in mobile advertising during 2016, however, 46 per cent said they were not currently retargeting on mobile. When the respondents were asked why they are not retargeting on mobile, 27 per cent said that "mobile advertising has yet to develop a good user experience". A further 25 per cent said "I don’t have an app" and 19 per cent said "my customers aren’t mobile".

When asked which platforms they would like to see programmatic adverts retargeted on in the next three years, the respondents’ opinions were more divided. eBay and Instagram were the two most sought after platforms, both with 40 per cent, closely followed by messaging apps at 36 per cent and Pinterest at 32 per cent.

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