Journalists respond to just over 3% of story pitches finds survey

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18th August 2021 16:07 - Media and PR

Journalists respond to just over 3% of story pitches: A piece of research has revealed the difficulty of getting a piece of content from pitch stage to published article in the media, with journalists responding to just over 3% of the pitches they are sent, according to analysis.

The research was conducted Propel, also finding that less than 8% of pitches result in published work. The survey did unveil some interesting findings for communications professionals regarding when the best time to email a pitch, with the largest number being read at 11am (13.11%), and most pitches opened between 9 am - 1pm.  The data also reveals that journalists are more likely to open email pitches in the afternoon rather than early in the morning.

In terms of how long it takes for a pitch to be read once it is sent, the research found that more than a third of journalists open pitches within a single minute of receiving them (35%), while most open them within the first half hour of them hitting the inbox.

Using their own PR software, the research analysed 12 months of information, also shedding light on the 10 most pitched topics. The top categories were technology and computing, followed by business and industrial, health and fitness, art and entertainment and finance. With the rest of the top 10 being made up of family and parenting, education, food and drink, society and in ranking 10th, law, government and politics.

The survey found that most communications teams are correctly sending email pitched out at 9am -- ready for the optimum time of opening, however, says Propel, it may be even more beneficial to send out press releases closer to the peak open-rate time of 10-11am.

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