Journalists worry that website content is being ‘dumbed down’, survey finds

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5th August 2016 18:00 - Media and PR

Journalists worry that website content is being ‘dumbed down’, survey finds: A recent public relations survey by Press Gazette has revealed that journalists are concerned that the content on their website has been ‘dumbed down’.

Of the 700 individuals who responded to the anonymous survey, more than 200 said that they were employed in website journalism roles. Many of these respondents said that they were also worried about the quality of online journalism.

Irrespective of the journalists’ concerns, website journalists rated their jobs at approximately 6.6 out ten. Further to this, news agency journalist rated their job at 5.9 out of ten, and regional newspaper journalists rated their jobs at 6.1.

The positives of working within website journalism were revealed to be: the freedom to experiment with new methods, breaking new stories and the career progression.

The journalists in the survey were also found to be concerned about being treated as a problem which needs to be managed, rather than a useful resource to be utilised.

One regional journalist said that they were frightened by the move from proper journalism to what they described as clickbait stories. The same respondent also admitted that they were worried about their job security, as well as the young talent who enter the sector.

When looking at who responded to the survey, more than 200 journalists said that they were employed in website journalism, however, in many cases they also worked in broadcast journalism or print journalism as well.

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