Majority of UK people view the news on social media, survey finds

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4th March 2015 14:35 - Media and PR

A recent survey of 7,500 media consumers in the United Kingdom has found that the public’s favoured medium of consuming the news hasMajority of UK people view the news on social media, survey finds changed, as the majority of respondents claim to read the news via social media.

Of the participants of the survey, 2 in 3 people claimed to only read the news online and 34 per cent are directed to news stories through their social media news feed.

The survey found that of the male respondents, 49 per cent of are most likely to click on news items featured on a search engine, whereas 37 per cent of females identified themselves as most likely to click on a headline, on social networks.

The survey found that the more graphic / visual social networking sites, such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, are the most popular with female users, whereas Twitter LinkedIn and Google+ are more favoured by men.

When looking at how people consume media, 62 per cent of the respondents claimed to use their smartphone, 57 per cent use laptops, 39 per cent use tablet computers and 33 per cent use desktop computers.

Of digital print platforms, Mail Online, The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Metro are the most popular.

Chief Executive Officer of 72Point, John Sewell said of the survey findings: "Global audiences are within touching distance thanks to a media landscape that has been both liberated by and contributed to by digital media. The caveat is that people consume media in different ways on different platforms and there must be an appreciation of that in order for campaigns to fulfil their potential."

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