Market Research Discovers Most Britons Watch Ads but Not Connected TV

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23rd August 2012 15:05 - Media and PR

A survey of 4,000 UK consumers by Deloitte has uncovered some interesting findings about how Britons approach TV – the findings add to growing evidence that TV with built-in Wi-Fi is failing to appeal as much as manufacturers would hope.

Despite the fact that over the past three years more TVs have been sold in the UK than there are households, only 6% of the UK consumers who took part in the study own a connected TV and that just 17% of British adults own an Internet enabled TV.

Furthermore, over a third of respondents at 36% said they did not see the point in going online through a TV set.

While nearly 70% of British homes have at least one way of connecting their TVs to the Internet, such as through an integrated connection or a games console, a mere 16% of surveyants watch TV-on-demand regularly.

In addition, almost half of the respondents had never used their TV to watch video-on-demand, and only 5% claimed to use connected TV apps ‘frequently’.

Nevertheless, almost 20% of the wealthier surveyants reported fairly high regular usage of TV-on-demand at 19% compared to the national average of 16%.  This figure rose to 24% for 25-34 year olds and 24% for tablet owners.

The research also revealed that Britons consume a massive amount of advertising – TV viewers will watch one trillion ads in 2012.

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