Market Research Finds Britons Putting Social Media over Dinner Romance

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16th October 2012 18:07 - Media and PR


A new survey by Curry's and PC World has revealed that more than half of UK smartphone owners have admitted to using their mobiles to check Facebook or Twitter during a romantic dinner with their partner.

In total, 53% of the respondents who took part in the market research said they had contacted up to 10 friends during a cosy meal, with 65% checking their social media updates in general when out at a romantic restaurant.

A fifth even admitted that they would use social networking during a first date, however 29% of those polled believe this can be helpful on an awkward first meeting as it gives them something to talk about. 

Furthermore, 66% of surveyants claim they would check their Facebook page during a meal, while a third said they would use Twitter all through the evening for updates.

When asked what their most popular social networking activities during dinner were, the respondents listed posting pictures, using Check In and updating their status.

Women were found to be more likely to use social media during a meal than men, although they were also shown to be most likely to become frustrated if their partner used social media at the table instead of communicating with them. 

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