Market Research Measures Growth Potential of Streaming TV in UK

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23rd January 2012 17:42 - Media and PR

The Barometer survey by KPMG, done every six months to measure the UK public’s media consumption, has revealed the results of their latest study on 2177 people aged 16 years plus – it shows that streamed TV uptake is on the rise.

Increased smartphone and tablet ownership in Britain has been cited as the main reason for the growth of streaming TV. In addition, the rising popularity of online streaming services such as the BBC iPlayer, the ITV Player, Channel 4’s 4oD and LOVEFiLM, particularly among younger people, is another driving force.

In terms of profits to be made for streaming services now that they are increasingly becoming mainstream, the market research also revealed that nearly two thirds (64%) of users are willing to pay for films online, while public willingness to pay for streaming TV has also risen to 30% in October 2011.

KPMG’s Head of Media, David Elms, commented:  “Judging by our survey... the foundations for online streaming services to be successful appear to be set. Not only is awareness and usage of streaming high, but willingness to pay for content has increased too. There are, however, barriers, not least the likely cost of set top boxes. What is more, by the end of 2012, everyone in the UK will have digital terrestrial TV, with the choice of between 20 and 30 channels. That’s a lot of free TV. It is possible that the majority of TV households don’t actually need anything more.”

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