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28th March 2017 12:02 - Media and PR

Media needs an overhaul, survey suggests: According to a recent survey by the media consultancy ID Comms, advertisers are not meeting expectations in four core areas, namely: setting clear key performance indicators for the media; having a point of view on return on income for media; having a well-established, internal media community and leading media decisions from marketing rather than procurement.

To reach the findings, the consultancy surveyed 179 respondents, which included senior marketers. The respondents were asked to score advertiser performance on the above core areas on a scale of one to five, where five represents ‘outstanding’ and one represent ‘unacceptable’. Advertisers received an average score of three or less in the above key areas.

The survey findings also found that 97 per cent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that "advertisers who take a more strategic and thoughtful approach to media will deliver a stronger marketing performance".

Also, the survey revealed that 80 per cent of the participants believe that advertiser marketing teams should be largely responsible for outlining the advertiser’s strategic approach, including media objectives, key performance indicators and operating models.

The findings have been loosely attributed to agency respondents viewing advertisers as more focussed on media buying and efficiency (which received a score of 3.2), rather than effectiveness and media planning. The advertisers in the survey were also more likely to see agencies as commodity suppliers (3.5), rather than being strategic partners.

On the other hand, agencies were criticised for not providing a neutral and objective planning service.

Agencies were also seen to fail to meet advertisers' expectations in five or more key areas including: their ability to provide insight-driven strategic planning; having a culture of innovation; provide thought leadership in media; and identifying relevant data fuelled insight and integrate owned, earned and paid media.

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