Mental health of employees is top challenge for PR industry over coming 12 months, according to poll

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17th August 2021 10:47 - Media and PR

Mental health of employees is top challenge for PR industry over coming 12 months: A survey of people working in the PR industry has found that when asked about the main challenges facing the industry over the next 12 months, 'mental health problems among practitioners' was cited by 51% of respondents, making it the top concern.  This was followed by fears about 'recession and job losses' (48%), the 'dominance of digital channels' (38%) and 'fake news/disinformation' (38%).

The survey, conducted by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) helped inform the organisation's  #PRinAPandemic report, which polled 1,386 PR professionals.

Also cited as a concern was a 'loss of  personal interaction between practitioners and the broader workforce’ (34%), ‘stakeholders/publics working remotely’ (32%), ‘longer working hours’ (30%) and ‘an expanding skills set required of individual practitioners/loss of specialisation’ (20%).

Looking further at the primary concern, mental health, the research found that PR respondents were five times more likely to say their personal mental health had deteriorated over the past 12 months than it had improved. The research also found that younger people working in PR were more likely to say their mental health has been impacted, with more than half of those polled also saying they were worried about being made redundant (53% compared to 42% of those in senior management roles).

While around two-fifths of those working in the in-house private sector said their mental health had been impacted by the pandemic (41%), PR professionals working in agencies and the public sector were more affected (59% and 46% respectively).

Female workers were also more likely to report a decline in their mental health over the last 12 months.

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