More money to be spent on social advertising, survey finds

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4th October 2016 18:11 - Media and PR

More money to be spent on social advertising, survey finds: According to a recent report, American marketing professionals are getting ready to increase their spend on paid advertising on social media in the upcoming 12 months as a result of the decline in organic social marketing reach.

According to the research report, companies continue to utilise social media for marketing but are experiencing a decline in the reach and engagement on Facebook posts and tweets.

Of the 123 professionals in the survey, all of whom are responsible for leading social media marketing campaigns, 80 per cent said that they were going to pay for adverts on social media in the next 12 months. Of this 80 per cent, 42 per cent said that they will be adopting paid social marketing strategies for the first time, whereas 38 per cent said that they already have paid social marketing efforts in place.

The respondents were not questioned about how much money they would be spending on social media advertising, but instead what their priority would be for social media marketing investments.

Entitled "Digital Channel Survey 2016: Social Marketers Expand Tactics for Results", the report also revealed that marketing professionals are permitting their company’s employees and customers to share content on their personal and professionals social channels to further increase the content’s reach and brand awareness.

To reach the results, the researchers surveyed marketing executives from companies in North America within a range of industries, including retail and financial services.

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