More than Two-Thirds Of Professionals See Social Media As A More Reliable Source Of Public Sentiment Than Traditional Focus Groups

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14th November 2013 12:41 - Media and PR

Research carried out by Crimson Hexagon has discovered that more than two-thirds (72%) of digital marketing and advertising executives say that social media is crucial for advertising success. Social media has been found to be a more reliable source of public sentiment than traditional user or focus groups. However when it comes to research methods only sixteen per cent said they use social media monitoring, social media analysis is used by thirteen per cent.

The findings went on to reveal that four-fifths (77%) of brand marketers admit they do not invest enough in this area with two-thirds (68%) of advertising agencies claiming there just isn’t enough investment by agencies. However, 93% of brands and agencies believe social media offers unprecedented opportunities for marketing and product development which can react to consumer feedback.

President Of Crimson Hexagon, Curt Bloom, said:

"Social media is the world's largest focus group, with millions of consumers regularly sharing their honest and candid opinions online. No brand or organisation can afford to overlook such a rich source of feedback, ideas and opportunities to engage with customers and prospects. These survey findings reveal that while many industry professionals are aware of the value of social analytics, it’s not in widespread practice. The awareness and influence of social sentiment is undeniable, and what is needed now is investment in the tools capable of extracting raw data, giving it meaning and context, and harnessing it to develop better business decisions.”

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