NFL Super Bowl 50 ads considered entertainment, not marketing, survey finds

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8th February 2016 12:21 - Media and PR

A media and PR survey into NFL Super Bowl 50 advertisements – which was conducted in the month before Super Bowl Sunday – has revealed that viewers consider the adverts, which air during the game, as entertainment, as opposed to marketing, although, the viewers are aware that they are being marketing to.Super Bowl ads considered entertainment, not marketing, survey finds

Of the respondents in the survey, which was conducted on behalf of the the National Retail Federation, revealed that 77 per cent said that Super Bowl advertisements are entertainment; however, 20 per cent said that the adverts make them aware of the brands being advertised.

The survey of more than 6,300 adults also revealed that approximately 17 per cent of TV consumers feel that advertisers should conserve their money by not investing in expensive Super Bowl advertising, and pass their saving onto their customers.

Approximately 10 per cent of Super Bowl viewers said that the advertising period makes the game too long. Almost the same percentage said that the advertisements have an impact, making them head online to find out more information.

Only 7 per cent of the TV viewers said that they felt that Super Bowl adverts interrupt the game and a further 5 per cent said that the adverts bother them.

According to the research, the number of people who use social media, to talk about the game, is increasing; with 65 million people worldwide using Facebook to discuss the Super Bowl.

An alternative study by AdParlor - one of the world's leading social media advertising technology companies – revealed that 82 per cent of marketing professionals in the United States will utilise Facebook in their Super Bowl advertising campaigns. A further 69 per cent said that they use YouTube and 68 per cent said the same of Twitter.

Figures show that 2014’s Super Bowl drew in 114.4 million viewers, making it the most viewed single TV programme in American history.

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