NHS chosen by British consumers as UK’s most relevant brand

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19th September 2019 16:29 - Media and PR

NHS chosen by British consumers as UK’s most relevant brand: An annual consumer poll to find out the brands people can't imagine living without has unearthed the nation's most-lovedwith the NHS coming out on top.

The Brand Relevance Index conducted by global consultancy, Prophet,  polled over 12,000 consumers and found that the for the first time the NHS was ranked the UK's most relevant brand, ahead of Apple who last year held the top spot. 

This is the fourth index produced by the company, which found Apple had slid down into fifth position from last year's poll. In second place in 2019 was music-streaming platform, Spotify, followed by Netflix and Playstation (Sony). 

Handmade cosmetics store, Lush entered the top 10 for the first time, ranking in eighth position when it comes to the brands British people just can't live without.

Consumers were asked to rate the brands across a variety of areas including distinctive inspiration, pervasive innovation, ruthless pragmatism and customer obsession. 

Also in the top ten in the latest UK survey were Lego (6th), Fitbit (7th), Samsung (9th) and Google (10th). 

The data revealed that a number of British brands that had  been experiencing a decline in favour over the past few years had moved up the chart, including Jaguar (climbing 127 places), Mini, up 105 places and Bupa, up 82 places. 

The survey also found that the trend for renting services or products rather than owning them showed no signs of abating. Services including Spotiy and Netflix performed well, as well as Uber and Zipcar, in 17th and 22nd places respectively. 

 Scott Davis, chief growth officer at Prophet, said:

"Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index is unlike any other study out there because it takes into account real-time conversations with consumers – the only true experts – and uncovers substantial insights that can be directly applied to the business of brand building.”

The research also polled consumers in the US, Germany and China. 

The most relevant brands of 2019 in the US were:

1. Apple

2. Spotify

3. Android

4. Bose

5. Disney

6. KitchenAid

7. Amazon

8. Netflix

9. Pixar

10. Pinterest

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