New survey shows access to social media in the workplace is high priority for students

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28th June 2016 12:41 - Media and PR

New survey shows access to social media in the workplace is high priority for students: A recent survey has revealed that students now deem access to social media to be of a higher priority than annual bonuses or promotions.New survey shows access to social media in the workplace is high priority for students

The study, carried out by Debut, a graduate careers app, consisted of 12,000 students, 68% of whom consider being allowed access to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be high on their list of priorities when job hunting after university.

Social media is deemed so  integral to their everyday lives that even if they were offered job perks, such laptops, smartphones and cars (all being provided by the company), gym memberships and even as far dental schemes and healthcare, they would consider turning down the job role.

According to the study the second highest priority would be yearly pay rises, with around 85% of students expecting this financial increase in their post study roles.

The figures then went on to show that 34% of students expect a salary of £27,000 to £30,000 upon leaving university, along with 5% anticipating £15,000 to £18,000 and another 5% expecting a salary of £36,000 or over.

Not surprisingly the report came to the conclusion that there was a “clear disconnect between what students believe they will receive and what is actually most important to this generation.”

On the other hand in spite of their increasing expectations in the workplace 80% of the students surveyed acknowledged that they face more struggles in getting a job nowadays than their parents did in their day.

It was also found that 25% of students are of the mind-set that they should retire between 51 and 55 years of age, with 12% deciding that between 56 and 60 is more agreeable and 27% plumbing for 61 to 65; this is a massive drop from the proposed retirement age, when most will receive their state pensions, which currently stands at 67.

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