Opportunities for PR and marketing professionals adopting multi-channel sales platforms

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13th November 2014 14:37 - Media and PR

A recent survey by PR News and PR Newswire has revealed that PR, marketing and advertising are becoming increasingly aligned. The results of the survey identify gaps in terms of PR strategies and execution - and with this, new opportunities for sector professionals have been highlighted.

The main aim for PR is still not clear

According to the research, the top reasons for conducting PR are: “online media coverage”, “online visibility”, “print media coverage” and “social media engagement”. What remains the biggest challenge is pinpointing the main priority of PR professionals, in an industry which is adopting a growing variety of goals into media campaigns.

Output is more focused on than results

The two main metrics which define the success of a campaign are: “content views” and “social media coverage”. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of building awareness through PR. Should the result of PR continue to be disconnected from the development of businesses, PR will continue to be thought of as an expense, not an investment.

Social media is emphasised for content distribution - arguably too much

Of those surveyed, 91 per cent consider social media as their main technique for content distribution. This leaves alternative methods such as: press releases, blogs and print media, trailing far behind. Only a small proportion of their potential audience are being targeted by focussing too much on social media.

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