PRs are not up to the job, journalists claim

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2nd September 2016 12:57 - Media and PR

PRs are not up to the job, journalists claim: According to the findings of a media and PR survey by the Press Gazette and PR Week, nearly 50 per cent of journalists do not think that PRs are up to scratch.PRs are not up to the job, journalists claim

The survey aimed to explore the opinions of media professionals in the United Kingdom, by asking what they thought of eachother and themselves. As part of the research, the researchers spoke to 300 individuals – 205 PRs and 95 journalists.

When the journalists were asked whether they agreed with the following statement: “A significant majority of PRs are up to the job”, 46 per cent said that they did not agree.

On the other hand, when the PR respondents were asked the same question, just 8 per cent said that they didn’t believe journalists were up to the job.

The journalists in the survey were also asked whether they agreed with the statement: “I believe PR is a difficult job”. Of the respondents, 53 per cent said that they think that PR is indeed a difficult job, in comparison to the 80 per cent of PRs who believe that journalism is a difficult career.

Perhaps interestingly, approximately 38 per cent of the PRs in the survey said that they had worked as a journalist in the past.

The findings revealed that despite journalists and PRs both claiming to enjoy they jobs, PR professionals were more satisfied with their salary.

When asked about their job satisfaction and instructed to give a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, 90 per cent of the journalists gave a rating of seven or higher. In contrast, 86 per cent gave the same rating of seven or more.

On the topic of money, 69 per cent of the PR professionals said that they are paid a reasonable amount for the work that they do. However, just 29 per cent of journalists said the same.

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