Parents are more concerned with raunchiness in films, rather than violence

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21st December 2015 10:45 - Media and PR

A recent survey, commissioned by the Classification & Rating Administration, has revealed that American parents are far more concerned by Parents are more concerned with raunchiness in films, rather than violencethe appearance of sex in films, rather than violence - realistic or not.

The survey, entitled the 2015 Parents Ratings Advisory Study THR, has revealed that parents are more concerned by sex in films, with 80 per cent of parents admitting that they worry more about whether their child may view graphic sexual scenes in a film, as opposed to people being blown up or brutally killed.

Of the parents, 64 per cent said that they are concerned about graphic violence in film – a figure which only just made the top five concerns. A further 62 per cent said that they worry that their child may hear the ‘F-word’ in a film.

Following sexual scenes as parents top concern with movies was full frontal male nudity, with 72 per cent of the votes, hard drug use (70 per cent), full frontal female nudity (70 per cent) and marijuana use (59 per cent).

Amongst the top 12 of parents concerns, 7 are related to sex scenes, including non-graphic, suggestive, innuendo, brief and partially nude scenes.

According to the research, 53 per cent of parents feel that the ‘F-word’ is featured too often in films rated PG-13, however, just 44 per cent said that they are bothered by the amount of violence in PG-13 films.

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