Poll Shows Publics Reactions to UK Wide Riots

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10th August 2011 17:41 - Media and PR

Following the shocking riots within the UK for the past few days, a YouGov survey of 2,534 British adults has revealed that the majority of people think stronger force should be used to stamp out the criminal element and ensure order.

In total, 9 out of 10 British adults say police should be able to be use water cannon on rioters and one third support the use of live ammunition.

The results have shown widespread support among British adults for a range of tough tactics to put a stop to the thuggery seen in recent days - 84% support mounted police, 82% curfews, 78% tear gas, 72% tasers and 65% plastic bullets.

Currently, public opinion is divided over how the police have dealt with the situation. A majority at 52% said that the police were dealing with the situation either ‘very well’ or ‘fairly well’ and 43% thought they were dealing with it either ‘very badly’ or ‘fairly badly’.

Discontent with how politicians have reacted is more substantial – just 28% felt Prime Minister David Cameron has handled the situation well, while the majority of 57% were dissatisfied with his actions. London Mayor Boris Johnson was given a 54% ranking for dealing with the situation badly.

In addition, more than two thirds of Britons believe that most of the rioters will ‘probably get away with it’.

Nevertheless, there has been a positive public counterbalance to the shameful behaviour of looters, as many took to the streets of their affected areas with brooms to help tidy up and restore order.

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