Research Finds Majority of UK Public Prefer Print Rather Than Digital Content

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18th February 2011 17:23 - Media and PR

A study by Deloitte has shown that currently more than half of the UK public still prefer printed magazines over online content.

The research, culminating in the third annual State of the Media Democracy Report, aimed at getting a measurement of British consumers’ attitudes towards magazines. It was discovered that despite the surge of digital content now available and the popularity of mobile devices, the public take-up of digital magazines is taking longer to catch on than some experts had expected.

The study found that 60% of the consumers surveyed prefer reading printed magazines even though they know they could find most of the same information on the web. This figure has dropped from 73% three years ago however.

Further finding are that at 66%, women are most likely to read a printed copy of their favourite magazine instead of the digital version.
Also, 48% of the readers who took part in the survey pay greater attention to print ads than those online, and 53% found any type of internet ad to be more intrusive than advertising in magazines or newspapers.

Nevertheless, according to market research by ABC Electronic, online magazines are in fact steadily increasing in use year on year.

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