Study Shows Social Media Becoming Increasingly Important To Small Businesses

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9th November 2012 16:02 - Media and PR

A recent survey of small businesses, conducted by Vertical Response, has shown that an increasing number have started using social media as both a means of marketing and to connect with other businesses. 

The survey revealed that Facebook remained the most popular social media network with businesses, with a huge 90% using it to promote and connect their business. 70% said they used Twitter to do the same, and more than half (55%) have a blog specifically for their business. 

The study showed that, of the 462 businesses who responded, 43% spend six hours or more per week on social media. One quarter spend between six and ten hours per week, with one in ten spending eleven to twenty hours per week and 7% using social media for twenty-one or more hours weekly. 14% of businesses asked said they did not use social media to promote their business. 

Of these companies, the CEOs/Proprietors/Owners were asked how much time each week they spend on social media. More than half (63%) only spent between one and five hours, with nearly a quarter (23% spending six to ten hours, 8% spending eleven to twenty hours and 6% spending more than twenty hours per week online. 

One in three CEOs/Proprietors/Owners also stated that they wanted their business to spend less time on social media. However, the other two-thirds of companies said that they are looking to invest more time in social media compared to a year ago. 

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