Survey Analysis Shows Pirate Downloaders Also Buy the Most Online Content

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15th May 2013 13:42 - Media and PR


A follow-up analysis of market research conducted by Government watchdog Ofcom has revealed some interesting results about pirate downloaders to contradict the bad press - those who download and share unauthorised copies of files the most are also the most avid legitimate buyers of this type of material.

The top 20% of illegal downloaders (called ‘Infringers’ in the study) were found to account for just for 3.2% of 12+ internet users, but were responsible for 88% of ‘infringements’.

Nevertheless, these top 20% also accounted for consuming 11% of legal content in total, and on average they bought significantly more content across all category types than either the bottom 80% of Infringers or non-infringing consumers over same the six month period.

While many studies have discovered this same fact, the current research explored factors in greater depth, giving rise to new findings. In answer to the question "What would make you stop downloading or streaming content illegally?” some of the most common answers given by respondents were:

A cheaper legal service, the same availability of downloads legally, improved legal download services, plus a clearer idea on what is legal and what is not. 

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