Survey Demonstrates Top Brand Popularity Ratings in the UK

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26th February 2013 16:16 - Media and PR


The latest Superbrands survey has revealed the differences in popularity between consumers and the business sector - 500 companies were ranked in terms of the strength of their brands in the UK, with two separate Top Twenty lists compiled.

Despite the Apple brand seeing a drop in popularity amongst consumers in recent months, it still ranks as the top brand according to business professionals and marketing executives.

On the consumer side, Apple still achieved second place, however it was outshone by the Rolex brand. British consumers further rated Microsoft in third place, followed by British Airways, Coca-Cola, Google and Hilton.

In contrast, the UK business sector rated British Airways in second position, and rounding out the Top Seven were Google, Visa, Virgin Atlantic, IBM and Shell.

The survey demonstrates that it is difficult for brands to bridge the popularity gap between the consumer and business sectors – while the Consumer Top Twenty list was comprised of aspirational brands such as Rolex (1st), Mercedes-Benz (10th) and BMW (11th), as well as well-known food companies like Kellogg’s (9th), Heinz (12th) and Nescafé (12th), the Business Top Twenty rankings were mostly made up of logistics companies and financial institutions.

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