Survey Finds Britons Not Bothered About Switching Brands for Better Offers

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22nd January 2013 16:44 - Media and PR


An online survey of more than 29,000 respondents in 58 countries by Nielsen has shown that Britons have less brand loyalty than consumers in other countries - they are happy to switch brands if a new product is recommended by friends or family.  

In total, 59% of the UK surveyants with Internet access would consider switching a brand, compared with the 50% average of consumers globally.

Nevertheless, 52% of British consumers said they wouldn’t take a risk on a new product until it had proven itself in the market place, although global consumers were more cautious at 60%.

The Nielsen Global Survey of New Products Purchase Sentiment also showed that Britons are fairly loyal to local fare - 40% of UK respondents said they would prefer to buy British over large international brands.

In addition, TV advertisements were shown to be the most important source of information about new products for Britons, followed by free samples and online searches.

When it came to influencing the purchasing decisions of UK consumers however, friends and family were ranked top at 68%, however this was still lower than the global average of 77%. 

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