Survey Highlights Changing Face of UK Viewing Habits

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18th March 2013 16:32 - Media and PR


A survey on behalf of TV Licensing organisation TeleScope has uncovered the current trends what it comes to the viewing habits of Britons.

Average households now have 1.83 televisions, representing a decrease since that figure stood at 2.3 in 2003. Nevertheless, people now watch 26 minutes more telly per day compared with 2006. In other words, Britons watch an average of four hours and two minutes of telly daily, compared with three hours and 26 minutes in 2006.

The market research found that people are increasingly using alternative devices to get their TV fix – 27% of the respondents who own smartphones and 63% of those who have a tablet watch live television in that way.

TeleScope’s study also included the first ever "TeleHappiness Index", which aimed to assess people’s emotional engagement with television. A total of 95% of respondents voted comedy as the genre which gives them the most enjoyment.

The survey also revealed some interesting Twitter findings – 40% of evening tweets are about what is on TV that night, and there are gender differences in how the service is used. Women are more regular tweeters at around 15 times a day compared to an average of 9 times daily for men, although males are bigger complainers.

Furthermore, women on Twitter tend to talk more about personal matters, television programmes and work, compared to men who generally tweet about sport, gaming and news.

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