Survey Highlights Rise of Games Consoles in UK Households

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18th April 2013 15:38 - Media and PR


A survey on behalf of the Deloitte Media & Entertainment Division, which questioned 2,085 participants aged 14 to 75, has found that videogame consoles have gained rapidly in popularity amongst Britons – they are now to be found in 50% of UK homes.

This figure represents a fair increase when compared to just two years ago, since there has been a 3% rise from 2011 when 47% of households had gaming consoles.

The study further found that 83% of 14-17 year olds live in a home with a games system, while this drops to 60% for 18-44 year olds residing in a household with a device.

As was expected, this decline continues as the age bracket increases – gaming consoles in homes decreases to 52% amongst 45-54 year olds and 21% for those over 55.

On average, the market research also found that gamers buy between four and five titles every year, with 81% of consumers making their purchase in physical form as opposed to digital. Meanwhile, only 3% of respondents admitted to downloading a videogame illegally over the past six months.

In addition to gaming, 81% of households in Britain own a laptop, 65% have a smartphone, 33% have a tablet and 26% own an Internet connected TV.

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