Survey Results Show 34% Of US Adults Would Sign Up For Aereo

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6th June 2014 16:25 - Media and PR

A survey conducted on 1,231 US adults has shown that 34% of respondents would probably or definitely sign up for Aereo, an Internet television streaming start-up, if it was available.

The results, which were released today, by Peerless Insights, have been published prior to an eagerly awaited Supreme Court ruling between American broadcasting companies and Aereo.

One fifth of participants thought that broadcasters should win the court battle, with 15% admitting they want broadcasters to win.

On the other end of the spectrum 46% of the sample said they want Aereo to win, with over one third (35%) stating the streaming start-up should win.

Elsewhere, 28% disagreed that Aereo should pay copyright fees to the broadcast TV companies and 35% agreed with the same statement.

Two fifths of respondents believe that Aereo offer a service that legitimately follows copyright rules with less than one fifth (19%) disagreeing.

And, finally, almost one half (45%) of the participants questioned didn’t think there was a difference between Aereo and renting an antenna and a DVR, with 17% opposing this view.

Young Ko, co-founder of Peerless Insights, feels the survey’s results show that consumers want alternatives, like Aereo, as well as maintaining fairness in the marketplace.

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