Survey Reveals Many Britons Considering Dropping Facebook Membership

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22nd June 2012 14:53 - Media and PR

A survey carried out on behalf of Marketing magazine has uncovered the trend of many UK Facebook members considering leaving the social network.

Of the 1,300 adults who took part in the study, 46% said they had recently considered ending their membership with Facebook.  For those over 45, this figure rose to more than half at just over 50%.

Furthermore, the study found that privacy is an important issue for all age groups, with 58% of those surveyed saying that they were concerned about how their personal information is used by the social networking company. This figure increased to 65% for those in the over 45 age group.

A gender difference was also revealed in the survey – over 50% of men said they had thought about leaving, compared to 39% of women who had had the same thoughts.

This news follows the claim last week by Inside Facebook of international cancellation figures. The UK, Norway and Russia have reported membership losses of more than 100,000 Facebook users. In the US, the number fell by 6 million during May, while in Canada there was a drop of 1.52m users.

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