Survey Reveals Seven Tenths Of Companies Are Concerned Over Social Media Risks

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1st October 2013 14:19 - Media and PR

A recently published survey, from Grant Thorton, examining corporate social media risks and rewards found that seven tenths (71%) of executives said their company was concerned about possible risks posed by social media, but only a third (36%) reported having had social media training.

According to the survey, the social media risks fell into four categories: damage to brand reputation; disclosure of proprietary and/or confidential information; corporate identity theft; and legal/regulatory compliance violations.

Among respondents, there was an even split of a tenth between the executives that were very concerned about the potential risks of social media (13%), and those who claimed their company did not believe social media posed any “appreciable risks” to the organisation (13%). The majority, at seven tenths (71%) said their company was concerned about the potential risks, buy believed the risks could be mitigated or avoided.

When asked about social media training, the survey showed that attitudes have improved since the same 2011 study, with a tenth (15%) more companies engaging in social media training for staff.

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