Survey Reveals That Word Of Mouth Is The Best Form Of Advertising Among Filipino Consumers

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1st October 2013 14:19 - Media and PR

Results from the Nielsen’s Global Survey of Trust in Advertising showed that nine in ten (89%) Filipino respondents placed the highest level of trust in word-of-mouth communication. The trend also continued through-out neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia with Malaysia at 86%, and Singapore and Indonesia at 85%.

When it came to paid advertisements, television came out on top. More than three quarters (78%) of consumers in the Philippines said they trust television advertisements, followed by Indonesia (74%), Thailand (72%) and Malaysia (70%) - all of which are well above the global average of three fifths (62%).

The survey noticed that online advertising posted the biggest rise in trust levels for Southeast Asian consumers over the past six years.

In the Philippines, two thirds (66%) of respondents said they trust consumer-consented e-mail messages. Similar figures were observed in Indonesia (68%), Singapore (62%) and Malaysia (61%).

For trust levels in online banner advertisements, the Philippines posted a growth of four percentage points to 46%: Indonesia was up seven percentage points to 48%; Thailand up by fifteen percentage points to 47%; and Malaysia up by twenty percentage points to 44%.

More than half (57%) of Filipino respondents said they trust advertisements in search engine results, higher than the global average of 48%.

Stuart Jamieson, managing director of Nielsen Philippines said:

“The effectiveness of the reach lies on the positive impact of the message on the consumers when they are making a purchase decision. Similar to their Southeast Asian neighbours, Filipino consumers’ hearts and minds are easily captured by advertisements which feature relatable situations, comedic relief, and advertisements that focus on family and health.”

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