Survey Sees Facebook Popularity Drop Plus Public Dislike of Social Media Marketing

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10th June 2013 16:26 - Media and PR

A new survey by YouGov indicates that Facebook’s massive nine-year popularity is showing signs of waning – UK users of the social networking platform have dropped 9% over the past year.  

Primary reasons given for this decline in usage by the 1,995 survey respondents were dissatisfaction with marketing messages and discomfort about third parties using their information.

This indicates that marketing professionals are not endearing themselves to social media users by overloading them with advertising - click-through rates for ads in discussion forums have been proven to be far lower than for other types of content, and users have increasingly reported being irritated by “distracting” off-topic messages when engaged in online interaction with friends. In addition, marketers who feign engagement while promoting their own agenda have always been frowned on by the general public.

The survey discovered that only one in twenty Facebook users could recall clicking on an ad in the past year, while fewer than one in ten were impressed by the relevance of targeted advertising on social media. A third of respondents also stated that say they often switch off updates from companies for posting too frequently.

Furthermore, brands who collect Facebook "likes" are not garnering the successful results they would hope for – while 45% of survey respondents said they had liked or joined the page of a company, as many as 34% did so merely out of a desire to get something in return.

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