Survey Shows Savile Scandal Lowers Level Of Trust In BBC

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12th November 2012 14:42 - Media and PR

In the wake of the recent Jimmy Savile scandal, the level of trust shown in the BBC by license fee payers has dropped, a recent study by research agency Com Res has revealed. 

As many as 47% of the public admitted that they no longer believe the BBC to be trustworthy, whilst only 45% said they felt the opposite way, and 8% did not express an opinion. 

These figures differ from a similar poll conducted by Newsnight in 2009, which showed that 62% of the public saw the BBC as a trustworthy organisation, with only a third feeling otherwise. 

The questionnaire also asked the 1,000 respondents whether or not they felt the organisation 'will suffer lasting damage to its reputation because of the allegations made about Jimmy Savile'. Almost two-thirds answered with 'yes', with a third saying 'no' and the small remainder choosing not to answer. 

This contrasts with the results of the 2009 poll, where more than 75% of respondents said that the BBC was a national institution to be proud of, a figure which has now dropped to 62%. 

These results seemingly show the damaging impact that the revelations regarding Savile's behaviour have had on the BBC, with concerns also lingering around a possible cover-up attempt after the decision to axe a Newsnight investigation into claims of abuse was taken last year. 

COnservative MP Rob Wilson said: "The BBC should accept it has serious questions to answer regarding how it allowed one of its employees to get away with such behaviour for so long, despite apparently widespread rumours, allegations and even police investigations." 

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