Survey finds 109 journalists were killed in 2015

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18th January 2016 15:16 - Media and PR

According to a survey, which documented the potentially deadly dangers which journalists face all over the world, at least 109 journalists were Survey finds 109 journalists were killed in 2015killed in crossfire, bombs or targeted killings in 2015.

Figures from the International Federation of Journalists show that 109 journalists were killed in 30 different countries and 3 were accidentally killed. However, 2015 saw a small decline in fatalities on 2014, when 188 journalists were killed, as well as 17 accidental deaths.

The survey revealed that more journalists were killed  in America during 2015 than any other country, with 27 deaths. This has been attributed to targeted killings of journalists by drug traffickers.

Following America was the Middle East, with 25 journalists being killed in Iraq and Yemen. In Asia Pacific, 21 journalists were killed (7 of which were in the Philippines) despite the decrease in violence in Pakistan.

The fourth most dangerous region for journalists was Africa, with 19 fatalities. Closely following Africa was Europe, with 16 deaths.

As a result of the terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices in January 2015, France was found to be the individual country with the highest death toll. To mark the anniversary of the attack on the satirical magazine, the Charlie Hebdo team announced that it will print 1 million copies of a special edition.

The figures from the survey were found to be different from those released by the Committee for the Protection of Journalists, which uses an alternative verification process and different criteria.

The President of the International Federation of Journalists, Jim Boumelha, called for the United Nations to do more to promote international laws aimed at protecting journalists from all over the world. Boumelha said:

“The attacks in Paris shocked the world and put on the world stage the tragedy of the drip-drip slaughter of journalists worldwide, which are today the only professional group that pays so dearly for just doing the job,”

“Sadly, there were scores of unreported killings and unless the journalist is a well-known bylined correspondent the world barely notices. Journalism is put daily to the sword in many regions of the world, where extremists, drug lords and reckless warring factions continue murdering journalists with impunity.”

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