Survey finds British film industry will be affected by Brexit

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28th April 2016 16:28 - Media and PR

According to a survey of 686 media industry professionals, 67 per cent of those in the media sector feel that Britain’s potential exit from the European Union will have a less than positive impact on the United Kingdom’s creative industry.Survey finds British film industry will be affected by Brexit

On the other hand, 22 per cent said that Britain’s exit would have a positive effect on the media industry. A further 11 per cent said they were not sure what effect the Brexit would have.

A lot of the survey participants said that they believed that Britain’s exit could affect the sales of UK TV programmes and films, internationally, as well as the production of international dramas and films being made in the United Kingdom.

66 per cent of the film industry professionals said that the potential Brexit would have a negative effect on their own business.

On the other hand, 15.5 per cent of those in the film industry said that it would have a good effect. A further 18.5 per cent said that they were not sure what the effect would be on the film industry.

The key area of concern for 62 per cent of the participants was the effect of Britain’s exit on the economy and trading. Following this was Britain’s influence of the world (10 per cent) and careers (9 per cent).

The survey revealed that the respondents working in the media production services were the most concerned group about the effect the Brexit will have, with 71 per cent believing that it will have a negative effect on their company. The professionals were those who source equipment, locations and post-production services to TV programmes and films being made in the United Kingdom.

The media production services professionals were found to be the most concerned with the difficulty the Brexit will pose to making films and TV programmes in Europe, as there potentially could be issues with British professionals travelling abroad. They were also worried about the effects the Brexit will have on selling films and programmes to other countries, as well as the effects on the economy.

Those working in the TV industry were found to have the largest figure of people believing that the Brexit would be positive for their sector, with 19 per cent feeling that Britain’s exit would be good for them.

The respondents were also asked how they felt about the Brexit personally. Of the participants, 69 per cent were found to be in favour of staying in Europe and 27 per cent wanted to leave. Just 4 per cent were not sure.

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