Survey finds media agencies may be used less by 2020

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5th October 2015 10:26 - Media and PR

A recent marketing and media survey- conducted by media consultancy, MediaSense - has revealed that marketing Survey finds media agencies may be used less by 2020professionals will use media agencies less by 2020, meaning more marketing activities will be conducted in-house.

The survey comprised of several in-depth interviews with 200 media and senior marketing decision makers.

The survey revealed that 58 per cent of marketers believe that the number of media agencies they work with will decline over the coming five years. As well as this, 54 per cent believed that they will bring many functions in-house - which were previously outsourced to external agencies - by 2020.

The functions likely to be brought in house include owned and paid media, content management, data management and social media strategies.

Whilst 90 per cent of the respondents were sure that media agencies will remain the favoured place to turn to for paid media, nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of marketing professionals said that they would increasingly contract directly with media owners and technology companies by 2020.

Of the respondents, 58 per cent said that media agencies were not the first place they’d seek strategic advice from, with regards to programmatic advertising, as they would prefer to rely on their own resources or technology / digital agencies.

Conducted between March and July 2015, the survey findings revealed that many marketing professionals believe creative agencies were responsible for the curve, especially with regards to the creation of dynamic content, for example, social media.

On the other hand, 80 per cent said that they believe that creative agencies will continue to be the go-to place for creative ideas and approximately 60 per cent said that they expect content development functions to move in-house or be outsourced to alternative agencies by 2020.

The Founder and Director of MediaSense, Graham Brown, said of the findings:

 "The ideal state is for organisations to be more self-reliant, data-driven and technology-enabled, with a clear view of the key drivers within their own media ecosystem.

"All marketing organisations should have a plan to ensure they have the optimal blend of capabilities (people, systems, processes and technologies) to enable them to succeed in 2020, irrespective of whether those resources are bought or rented."

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