Survey finds which celebrities the public would like as a housemate

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15th July 2015 14:38 - Media and PR

A recent study has discovered which celebrities the majority of people would like to live with.

The survey of 1,436 people by, has found that Kim Kardashian West is the most desirable celebrity to share a home with. Following the reality star, Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Pharrell Williams, Ryan Gosling and even Ed Miliband also featured on the list of the top 10 most desirable famous house mates.

The survey discovered that, 62 per cent said that they would like to live with Kim Kardashian West and of that percentage, the majority were women. Just 45 per cent of the males who took part in the survey said that they would like to live with the E! Entertainment star, as opposed to 79 per cent of women.

When looking at which attributes made Kim Kardashian West the most desirable celebrity to share a house with, the researchers found that 41 per cent voted for Kim due to her glamorous lifestyle.

Top 10 list of celebrities who the public would most like to live with

1.       Kim Kardashian West – 62% 

2.       Benedict Cumberbatch – 56%

3.       Taylor Swift – 53%

4.       Ed Miliband – 47%

5.       David Beckham – 45%

6.       Emma Watson – 41%

7.       Jennifer Aniston – 40%

8.       Ryan Gosling – 37%

9.       Pharrell Williams – 34%

10.   Zoella – 33%

However, the survey also asked the respondents who they would least like to live with.

It was found that Katie Hopkins – former candidate on The Apprentice and famed for her controversial opinions – was the celebrity which people would not like to live with, followed by Nigel Farage and Kanye West.

10 celebrities the public would not like to live with

1.       Katie Hopkins – 88% 

2.       Nigel Farage – 83%

3.       Kanye West – 76%

4.       Miley Cyrus – 73%

5.       David Cameron – 70%

6.       Justin Bieber – 66%

7.       Piers Morgan – 62%

8.       Russell Brand – 56%

9.       Gwyneth Paltrow – 48%

10.   Kristen Stewart – 43%

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