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18th May 2015 12:35 - Media and PR

A recent YouGov survey has revealed that when Britons go to the cinema, most purchase snacks. The survey indicated that the average Survey indicates an increase in spending at the cinemaspend at the cinema is £7.85 – excluding the ticket.

When looking at which location spends the most at the cinema, it was found that Londoners spent an average of £8.78. When applying the data to a night at Waterloo’s BFI Imax cinema, an average couple would spend £53.36 to go and see a film.

Everywhere else in the country spends slightly less than those in London, with those in the North of England spending around £8.07 per person.

Wales was found to spend the least at the cinema, with the average spend being £6.86.

The survey also discovered that those who went to the cinema at least once every two weeks were most likely to purchase more than just a ticket. It was revealed that those living in London were the most likely to fall into this group of repeat visitors.

When looking at why some people choose to avoid the cinema, expense was the main factor, with 46 per cent saying that the cost was the main reason for them to stay at home. Of the respondents 21 per cent said that they were going to go to the cinema less in the next year.

Vidisha Gaglani of YouGov said of the study: “Over the past decade cinema has been challenged on a number of fronts,” she said. “Piracy and torrents of new movies are rife, television has arguably never laid down such a cinematic challenge, and squeezed film financing has led to more sequels and arguably less variety.”

She also added that those who go to the cinema buy into the ‘novelty’ of purchasing extras and with this, are more likely to spend money on the times they do visit the cinema, instead of watching films at home.

“While cost keeps many people away from the pictures, it should be remembered that people go to the cinema because of the experience.” she said.

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