Survey reveals what Brits lie about on social media

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27th April 2015 14:18 - Media and PR

A recent survey, on behalf of, has revealed that 1 in 5 people have made up stories about their weekends and posted them on Survey reveals what Brits lie about on social mediasocial media, in order to make themselves appear more interesting. A similar figure created weekend related stories so that they have something to discuss with their colleagues at work.

Of the 2,000 respondents, 3 per cent admitted to using fake tan over the course of the weekend, in order to make their colleagues believe that they have been for a weekend away in the sun.

The findings revealed that nearly 25 per cent of British people post on social media five times during the average weekend, with 7 per cent post 10 or more times.

As well as this, the findings also discovered that a large proportion of British people spend more time on social media than they do at the pub or being intimate with their partner.

Around 1 in 5 people are jealous of other people’s social media life. Twice as many women admit to feeling this way than men.

1 in 10 people admitted to boasting about what they did at the weekend by posting images on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Of those who created stories on social media, 10 per cent have lied about their other half taking them on a surprise romantic weekend.

40 per cent of the respondents claimed to create false events because they find their weekends unfulfilling. A similar figure made up lies about their weekend because they do not want people to think that they’re boring.

The findings showed that some people speak to every person in their workplace to ensure that everyone knows about their pretend weekend activities.

When looking at the most frequent social media lies, the most popular was pretending to have been on a weekend abroad.

Of the respondents 19 per cent lied about swimming with dolphins, 14 per cent said that they had hung out with celebrities and 9 per cent lied about their sex life.

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