TV most popular source for news, according to new Ofcom UK survey

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14th August 2020 12:13 - Media and PR

TV most popular source for news, according to new Ofcom UK survey: A survey conducted by Ofcom UK has found that three-quarters of people cite television as their most used source for news. 

The survey, which polled 2,066 participants face-to-face and 2,510 online, found that after TV, the internet was the most used source for news (65%), followed by radio (42%) and print media (35%).  

Looking more at TV, the research found that although BBC TV channels are still the most popular source of news, the number of people using them has fallen by four percentage points since 2018 (from 87% to 83%). It also found that the BBC News Channel (28%) has fallen behind Sky News (33%).

When respondents were asked about their most important source of TV news in terms of the specific channel watched, BBC One remained in the top spot, although it has fallen from 27% in 2018, to 23% in the latest survey. 

When it comes to local news, ITV was more favourable to viewers, with 75% saying it was their preferred regional new source, compared with 72% who watch BBC local services. 

Social Media

Interestingly, fewer people are getting their news from social media sources and Google search according to the poll, although searches via Google News have increased. Last year just under half the people polled said they use social media to consume news (49%), which has fallen to 45% in the latest poll. Ofcom found that social media users are less engaged with news they come across on social platforms, with fewer people clicking through to read articles or sharing content.

While last year, 51% of survey participants said they used Google to search for news, this year's results saw a fall to just 39%. However, Google News has seen an increase in people searching for content: up to 17% from 13% last year.

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