WhatsApp considered the most ‘indispensable’ app in the UK, according to survey

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16th October 2019 11:19 - Media and PR

WhatsApp considered the most ‘indispensable’ app in the UK: A major study across seven markets looking at how people use social media and mobile apps has revealed that in the UK, WhatsApp Messenger is the most 'indispensible' to users.

The survey, which polled 13,000 respondents in the UK, US, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, found that more than a quarter (27%) of users in the UK said they could not do without WhatsApp Messenger on their mobile, overtaking Faceboook for the first time (23%).

Instagram came in third (12%), followed by iPhone Messenger (10%) and Gmail (7%). 

Growth for WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger usage in the UK has grown from 18% in 2017 (Q2) to 27% in 2019 (Q3) - and is the top app chosen by both men 25% and women 29%. It is also the most essential app amongst among those aged 15-25 years (27%), 26-35 years (36%) and aged 56+ (21%). However for those aged 36-45 and 46-55, Facebook was still the most popular, with WhastApp Messenger coming in second.

The research also found a decline in those saying Facebook was the most indispensible app in other countries, falling from 26% in the US in 2017 (Q2), to 21% in 2019 (Q3 ), in Denmark down from 30% to 24%, while Sweden in Sweden it fell from 22% to 13%. It  is a similar story in Norway, falling from 42% to 21% and in Finland, 30% to 23%. 

Social Media

When it comes to social media, Facebook is still the platform used by most people in the countries polled, with the exception of Germany and Finland where more people are using WhatsApp Messenger. 
In the UK, 77% of respondents said they use Facebook, followed by WhatsApp Messenger (67%) and YouTube (62%). Instagram has seen a significant increase in users since 2017, growing from 32% too 45%, making it the fourth most used social media platform in the UK, followed by Twitter with 41%.
Looking at how often Britons use social media, the research found that 81% were daily Facebook users followed by WhasApp Messenger (43%), Instagram (38%), Twitter (28%) and Snapchat (28%). 
In the UK, a third of users (34%) admitted they have thought about quitting Facebook - the highest percentage of all countries polled, followed by the US (29%) and Sweden. The country least likely to consider leaving the app was Denmark (10%) followed by Norway (11%). 

Younger people were the most likely to stop using Facebook in the UK, according to the poll, with 37% of 15-25 year-olds and 45% of 26-35 year olds saying they had considered it. Those over the age of 56 were least likely (24%) followed by 46-55 year-olds (30%) and 39% of 36-45 year-olds. 

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