DJS Research reveals attitudes towards tap water

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20th August 2015 13:09 - Utilities

In 2015, DJS Research spoke to families in an open forum area of the online parents, kids and teens market research community, Chatter Zone, with the aim to find out when they usually do or do not drink tap water & why, whether they filter the tap water they drink & how their behaviour changes when in or out of the home.

The key findings drawn from the tap water market research survey are as follows:

Attitudes towards consumption

Largely, the families in the survey said that they are happy to drink water both at home and on the go, regardless of where they’re from. The respondents said that they consume tap water on its own, in a hot drink and mixed with cordial.

Although some people are just as accepting of tap water out of the home, behaviour does in fact change depending on the situation, for example, whether they are drinking alcohol. The occasion is also changes people’s tap water consumption, as water generally is not seen as a treat.


Although filtering was not discovered to be common practice, it does take place in some households. These people tend to be from hard water areas or those with concerns about how impurities within their tap water.


In some cases, schools are not providing easy access to tap water, either filtered or unfiltered, with some children having to purchase any additional drinks they need throughout the day. Those who choose to take tap water in a bottle to school sometimes have nowhere to fill their bottle back up, once it’s been drunk.

Places of work

The survey also found that work places which do provide water filters are the best at encouraging frequent tap water drinking, as some people doubt the quality of the tap water in their office.

Bottled Water

Only some of the respondents preferred bottled water to tap water, however, even these people revert back to drinking tap water occasionally.


The findings also showed that health does play a role in the choice between tap water and other beverages. This is also a motivator to parents in particular to drink tap water.

If you would like to speak to someone with regards to this study, please get in touch with Ali Sims on 01663 767 857.

Below you will find an infographic - created by our in-house Data Visualisation Specialist, Steph Skupien - which was designed to support the survey findings.

To read the full report in detail, please click here.

DJS Research reveals attitudes towards tap water

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