Poll finds 65 percent of Australian voters support Finkel’s clean energy target

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20th October 2017 15:33 - Utilities

Poll finds 65 percent of Australian voters support Finkel's clean energy target

Poll finds 65 percent of Australian voters support Finkel’s clean energy target: A poll conducted by the Guardian finds that both Australian voters and Coalition voters share similar views on Finkel’s new energy targets.

The Finkel Review was created on behalf of Alan Finkel, the Chief Australian Scientist, who proposed clean energy targets in order to reduce the amount of emissions. If approved, new obligations would be imposed across the Australian electricity market and new costs would be implemented for the renewable energy sector.

Despite the Coalition government ditching the new clean energy target, the Guardian Essential poll found that 68% of its voters support the proposal, compared to 65% of Australian voters. 

Following the results, the Guardian found that most Australian voters are in favour of clean energy plans as 75% of Coalition voters also support incentives for low emission technologies, compared to 74% of Australian voters.

Additionally, 56% of Coalition voters also believe that the Australian government are not doing enough to ensure Australia produces clean, reliable and affordable energy.

The poll also asked Australian voters if they wanted Former Prime Minister, Toby Abbott, to remain in power. 

Those that said yes were as follows:

·       Liberal/National voters – 38%

·       Coalition voters - 30%

·       Labour voters – 27%

·       Green voters – 17%

The poll also revealed that most Australian voters (62%) are in favour Labour’s plans to source 50% of its electricity from renewable technologies.

Despite there being no progress on the Finkel Review, the Australian government have said that the energy investment framework’s regulations will coincide with the Paris Agreement and new reliability obligations will be implemented to ensure there’s dispatchable power in the system.

Commenting on the new energy plans, Australia’s Labour Party leader, Bill Shorten, said: “We are prepared to work with Mr Turnbull to put a price signal on emissions, not to keep pretending we can keep investing in coal-fired power stations.”

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