Survey Shows Uncertainty Around Energy Issues Among Brits

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10th October 2014 10:52 - Utilities

A recent survey of 2,058 British adults has revealed the nation might not know as much about energy issues as they think. Surprisingly, only a quarter (23%) of respondents were capable of identifying what scientists believe to be the quickest and most effective policy for meeting our energy needs (using less energy) via improving energy efficiency and minimising energy demand.

Furthermore, only half (50%) of British adults accurately recognised which type of light bulb uses the least amount of energy (LED) with 35% inaccurately identifying low voltage halogen lights as using the least. Just over a tenth (11%) of respondents stated they knew the energy consumption of their workplaces, whereas nearly four in five British adults thought private employers (79%) as well as the government (76%) ought to educate and train the public in using energy more efficiently. Fewer respondents (57%) in comparison believed the solution to our energy problems lay with technology.

The National Energy Foundation’s ‘Working together towards an energy-literate UK’programme presented the results of this research to an audience on September 17th at a President’s reception held by Dame Mary Archer at her penthouse in London.

The mission of the National Energy Foundation is ‘improving the use of energy in buildings’and thus the survey findings are concerning to the foundation. On September 17th the reception allowed for ideas to be shared as well as a number of prospective NEF projects (estimated to have cost around £1.3 million) to be showcased. The reception was also an opportunity to contribute to addressing the problems identified in the survey along with other funders and organisations.

Chief Executive of the National Energy Foundation, Kerry Mashford, said: “Improving the use of energy in buildings is the National Energy Foundation’s overarching objective. Over the past few months, we’ve been giving some serious thought to the big energy issues facing the UK, with a view to achieving significant impact in terms of reducing energy consumption, improving energy security and reducing fuel poverty.

“These survey results confirm that action needs to be taken to inform and empower individuals and organisations so we’re using our President’s Reception to launch a programme to improve energy literacy. We’re looking for support and feedback from potential partners to take forward a number of high-impact projects to improve the energy performance of new and existing buildings, and inspire others to do the same.

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