Case Study
Islington Borough Council

Sectors: Public Consultation
Local Government
Service(s): Data Processing and Analysis, Face-to-face, Interpretation and Reporting, Project Design, Quantitative
Approach(es): Consumer, Customer Insight, Public Consultation

The Challenge

  • Ensure that the urban lighting schemes that Islington Council have introduced in three areas around the Borough have been effective and represent value for money.
  • Investigate the effectiveness of each lighting project to understand what residents and visitors think of them, and whether they have improved the quality of the environment in each area.
  • To feed into this the research needed to meet the following objectives:
    • To understand topline perceptions of the lighting project - what do they think of it?
    • To investigate the impact of the lighting project in improving the quality of the environment in each area. 
    • To identify whether it is felt that the Borough would benefit from additional lighting schemes, and understand where these should be
    • To provide a picture of overall opinion of the lighting project – has it improved the street environment?

The Approach

  • Survey carried out on street using face-to-face interviews lasting approximately 5 minutes. 
  • Interviews conducted in the Finsbury Park area – questions to gauge the impact of the improved lighting.
  • Survey participants comprised of a mix of gender, ages, SEG and ethnicity.
  • Passers by screened to ensure that they have not visited the area for the first time that day (to ensure we captured views of those able to make a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison).
  • All interviews carried out between 7.30pm-9.30pm

The Results

  • More than half of those surveyed stated that they had noticed the new lighting (unprompted).
  • Feedback suggested that prior to the introduction of the new lighting, many local residents felt that the area was dark and potentially unsafe.
  • The vast majority of those surveyed stated that they felt that the new lighting had improved the street environment overall.
  • Furthermore, ratings and feedback suggest significant perceived improvements as a result of the new lighting, particularly in terms of:
    • Making the area look better and giving it a stronger identity
    • Making the area feel safer – felt likely to reduce crime
  • The majority of those surveyed felt that other areas could benefit from improved lighting, in particular Finsbury Park.
  • Suggestions for further improvement generally related to introducing more/brighter lighting to specific areas.
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"DJS were friendly and helpful throughout the course of the work. They turned around good quality research findings within an extremely tight timeframe".

Senior Transport Planner, Islington Borough Council

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