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In this section by clicking on the links below you will find sector specific market research insights, industry news and research findings. The insights are an invaluable desk research tool and are freely available for all to use. Feel free to share the insights with your colleagues using the sharing icons or via Google+. Also, if you can help support this resource by providing a link from your site, it would be very much appreciated.

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Please note that the research projects contained in our insights may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd. We do occassionally carry out research which we make freely available - you can access these reports here: Free Market Research Findings. In addition, visitors to this page may also be interested in our free market research glossary.

Latest Market Research Insights

Hart Voted Best Place to Live in National Survey

6th January 2012 17:12 - Public Consultation

The annual Halifax Quality of Life Survey has seen Hart, in Hampshire, voted as the best place to live in the UK. Hart district, which has ranked second to the Surrey borough of Elmbridge for the past two years, has finally taken first place. Taking the coveted… Read more...

Market Research Finds Britons Prefer Texts and Printed Vouchers to Mobile Web

5th January 2012 17:15 - Public Consultation

According to new market research by the Direct Marketing Association, UK consumers prefer receiving promotions by text message instead of mobile web. In total, 38% of the consumers who took part in the study like text promotions compared to a mere15% that… Read more...

Survey Finds British Homes in Need of New Year Cleaning Blitz

4th January 2012 17:44 - Public Consultation

Market research commissioned by domestic cleaning company Bissell has shown that 40% of Britons say a New Year home detox will make them feel happier. In terms of cleaning priorities, stains and messes are top on the list, followed by leftover cooking spills… Read more...

Global Happiness Index Survey Finds Britons Better Off than French and Spanish

23rd December 2011 22:01 - Public Consultation

A happiness survey by the Cambridge University of 43,000 people in 22 countries has found that far from Britons being a gloomy bunch, we are in fact less miserable than the French, Germans and Spaniards. The study asked participants to describe 10 areas of… Read more...

Survey Finds UK Parents Not Implementing Online Safeguards for Their Kids

22nd December 2011 16:24 - Education

A Virgin Media survey has revealed that more than one-third of the British parents who are planning to buy their children a computer this Christmas have not given any thought to parental control software for online protection. In total, 10% of the UK mothers… Read more...

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