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We need clearer labelling for cheese and sausages, say MEPs

2nd June 2016 10:36

The European Commission is facing mounting pressure to introduce mandatory country of origin labelling for processed meat, milk and dairy products, to help to increase the confidence of UK consumers and improve transparency. The European parliament are behind… Read more...

Research shows Brits are consuming more junk and drinking less tea

28th April 2016 13:04

According to data, British people are drinking less tea and eating more junk food. As well as this, the figures showed that toast is decreasing in popularity. In recent decades, British people have taken steps towards better diets, for example, drinking low-calorie… Read more...

Survey finds Brits want to retain ‘Easter’ on chocolate egg packaging

24th March 2016 10:53

A recent survey – commissioned by the Meaningful Chocolate Company - has revealed that the majority of British people want to keep the word ‘Easter’ on chocolate Easter egg packaging, with a resounding 79 per cent feeling that the word should… Read more...

Survey finds best supermarket for online shopping

24th February 2016 17:54

According to a survey by Which? Iceland is the UK’s top supermarket for online shopping. Launched in 2013, Iceland’s online service has overtaken its competition, for example Ocado and Waitrose, to take the top spot for the first time. The 7,000… Read more...

Survey finds non-alcoholic beer is growing in uptake

5th February 2016 10:51

According to a recent survey by AB InBev Uk, non-alcoholic beer is growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. Approximately 31 per cent of people have now tasted non-alcoholic beer – 19 per cent of which cannot taste the difference between alcoholic… Read more...

Own-brand champagne and mince pies top blind taste test

6th January 2016 10:35

A recent consumer taste test by Which? has revealed that supermarket own-brand champagne and mince pies have been voted the best tasting, despite being considerably less expensive than some of the upmarket, luxury items included in the taste test. A team… Read more...

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