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Regular coffee drinking associated with a lower risk of death, research finds

24th November 2015 14:34

According to a new study, individuals who consume coffee every day – even up to four cups – are less likely to die of a neurological disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or suicide than non-coffee drinkers. The researchers did not examine how… Read more...

More than 1 in 3 vegetarians consume meat after drinking alcohol, survey finds

5th November 2015 13:04

A recent survey by Voucher Codes has revealed that one third of vegetarians in the United Kingdom eat meat when they’ve drank alcohol. The researchers interviewed 1,800 UK vegetarians as part of the research to discover whether or not they had ever… Read more...

Survey finds a fifth of households bin a loaf of bread before opening

13th October 2015 18:08

A recent survey by Love Food Hate Waste has revealed that approximately one fifth of households in the UK throw away a loaf of bread before they’ve even opened it. The research - which was launched to support a campaign to prompt consumers to take action… Read more...

Survey finds nearly three quarters want non-stun meat labelled

24th September 2015 15:50

A recent survey commissioned by the European Commission has revealed that nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of people want meat to be clearly labelled if a non-stun method of slaughter was used. The British Veterinary Association believes that shoppers… Read more...

Survey explores why few women drink beer

20th August 2015 16:06

A recent survey - commissioned by Friends of Glass, a community which champions using glass for taste, health and the environment – has shown that drinking from a pint glass may be a reason why many women avoid drinking beer. Of the respondents, 47… Read more...

Survey finds most Brits don’t care about the ethics behind their food

28th July 2015 11:27

A recent survey of British consumers has revealed that approximately 50 per cent of Brits would not cease to buy products which have been manufactured by an unethical company. Of the respondents, 48 per cent said that they would not immediately stop purchasing… Read more...

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