Marketing professionals call for more diversity, according to recent survey

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30th January 2018 17:27 - Media and PR

Marketing professionals call for more diversity, according to recent survey

Marketing professionals call for more diversity, according to recent survey: Based on the responses of US, UK and Australian marketing professionals, research revealed that brands are looking to represent modern families, as opposed to the former traditional family. 

Out of 500 participants per country, more than nine in 10 marketing professionals agree that diversifying the number of images used to represent modern families will help benefit the marketing industry.

The survey’s results also showed that around two fifths (41%) of marketing professionals agree that utilising images which represent a modern society is important.

With regards to consumerism, the new consumer (the millennials) is said to have turned traditional marketing ‘on its head’ and rather than be outsmarted by advertisement campaigns, consumers are known to turn their cheek to idealistic representations.

In order to achieve this realistic representation, over half (57%) of US marketing professionals are now looking for photos that use non-professional models, yet the following percentages have already made the following changes to their images:

·       Including more racial diversity (34%);

·       Including more images with females (24%);

·       Including same sex couples (10%).

Despite over one in ten (12%) marketing professionals still using images that represent “traditional families”, around two thirds (65%) of marketers said that images which contain non-traditional families better represents the modern society.

Rather than believe what they are told from advertisements, millennials conduct their own research to sift out the truth, such as searching for product reviews, adhering to friends’ advice. Therefore, images must represent the views of the people, as opposed to promoting idealistic expectations.

Commenting on the current development, Shutterstock Curator, Robyn Lange, said “It’s clear that societal changes combined with shifting attitudes are influencing the demand for more modern imagery that represents a diverse range of communities.”

“We are pleased to learn from the research that marketers in the US are making the conscious effort to be more inclusive with their choice of imagery showing non-traditional families and non-professional models.”

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