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In this section by clicking on the links below you will find sector specific market research insights, industry news and research findings. The insights are an invaluable desk research tool and are freely available for all to use. Feel free to share the insights with your colleagues using the sharing icons or via Google+. Also, if you can help support this resource by providing a link from your site, it would be very much appreciated.

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Please note that the research projects contained in our insights may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd. We do occassionally carry out research which we make freely available - you can access these reports here: Free Market Research Findings. In addition, visitors to this page may also be interested in our free market research glossary.

Latest Market Research Insights

Survey Uncovers Lack of UK Drink Drive Awareness

25th April 2011 17:21 - Automotive

A website survey by has revealed an alarming level of uncertainty over the UK laws surrounding drinking and driving. The survey was filled in by more than 2,300 visitors to the site, who were asked general questions about their driving habits.… Read more...

Survey Shows Worrying Rise in UK Beach Rubbish

25th April 2011 16:42 - Local Government

A new study by the Marine Conservation Society has revealed a 40% average rise in bathroom rubbish spread over Britain’s beaches in the past year. A range of items were found during the societies Beachwatch Big Weekend last September, reflecting the… Read more...

Ofcom Survey Finds Young Brits Now Prefer Mobiles and Web over TV

20th April 2011 15:53 - Telecommunications

Communications regulator Ofcom has revealed in their latest study that that 16-24 year olds would miss their mobile phones and Internet access more than television – this is the first time that young people have not rated TV to be their top form of… Read more...

YouGov Study Warns Most Tablets Pricing Spells Failure

19th April 2011 15:21 - Information Technology

Most tablets launched this year are likely to fail on the UK marketplace unless they can hit the £250 or less price point, according to market research by YouGov. The results of the study show consumers who have so far steered clear of buying portable… Read more...

New Study Suggests Behaviour of UK Schoolgirls Has Worsened

18th April 2011 15:25 - Education

A survey of teachers, heads and other school staff in the UK suggests that girls’ behaviour in the classroom has deteriorated in the last two years. A secondary school teacher who was involved in the study commented: "Boys are more physically aggressive… Read more...

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