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We have extensive experience of conducting education market research within the education and skills sector, as well as offering our own online market research panel - VoicED.

We conduct education market research work for:

  • Universities and other HEIs
  • Further Education Colleges
  • Awarding Bodies
  • LSCs
  • Sector Skills Councils

Our clients include:


Audiences we research within the education sector include:

  • Students (primary, secondary, FE and HE)
  • Alumni (visit our alumnus market research page for more information)
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers
  • Careers Advisors
  • Private Training Providers
  • Adult learners
  • Employers
  • Other opinion leaders and stakeholders

Our researchers conducting education market research are CRB checked.

At DJS, we provide the following services:

  • Desk research
  • Qualitative interviewing e.g. depth interviews and focus groups
  • Quantitative surveys e.g. online, telephone, face to face
  • Consultancy and advice including workshops to encourage buy-in to the research or action planning on the back of the research

The education market research we have conducted in the sector is wide ranging and includes:


  • Research into new courses (e.g. course feasibility research)
  • Course development
  • Market studies
  • Student surveys
  • Academic research
  • Research with Alumni

FE Colleges

  • Proposition development
  • Branding research
  • Student satisfaction research
  • Employee research
  • Employer perception research
  • Research with Alumni 

Government Agencies

  • Stakeholder research
  • Proposition research
  • Employer research
  • Learner satisfaction surveys
  • Advertising and communications research
  • Desk research
  • Market studies
  • Website evaluation
  • Research amongst tutors/training providers

Awarding Bodies

  • Proposition development
  • Market Testing
  • Stakeholder research


Testimonials from education and skills clients include:

"DJS have recently produced an excellent piece of primary research for us. They have been reliable, friendly and thorough, producing a good piece of analysis that will definitely help to inform our future strategy and propositions".

"As a client, I want any research I commission to run seamlessly, and it did. DJS clearly understood the types of questions which needed to be asked, achieved the set number of interviews with a hard to reach audience and presented the research results to us within a very tight timescale. Throughout, DJS demonstrated good project management skills, were open to suggestions and kept us informed every step of the way. I would definitely use them again."
Skills for Health

One of our Research Directors, James Hinde, has also given a talk to the Association of Marketing and Development in Independent Schools' Annual Conference. If you would like to see a shortened version of James' presentation, which focuses on the uses of market research in the education sector, please visit the DJS Research YouTube channel here.

The following links provide a look at some of the work DJS Research have carried out in the education sector. We would like to thank the Jeanette Crizzle Trust for making these reports available in the public domain:

Jeanette Crizzle Trust - Give and Let Live 2008

Jeanette Crizzle Trust - Give and Let Live 2009

In addition, we have also published a short article based on education market research we carried out among marketers of independent schools - this report can be viewed here.


    VoicED Education Market Research Panel    


VoicED is an online market research community for teachers and other education professionals, backed by the Prince's Teaching Institute. VoicED is open to classroom teachers, head teachers, lecturers, teaching assistants, bursars, tutors and almost anyone else who works in education. We cover the full range of the UK education spectrum from nurseries right up to universities and FE colleges, including almost all job roles and subjects taught in the UK. VoicED can be utilised for both quantitative and qualitative research projects, and both respondents and their institutions receive incentives. If you are looking to complete market research which utilises VoicED, please visit our website dedicated to UK Education Market Research.

Finally, we publish a regular email newsletter detailing the most up to date market research insights in the education sector, to view these, please click the link below:

Education Sector Market Research Newsletter 

We also have a wealth of experience carrying out market research with children, teens and parents via our online community, Chatter Zone. For more information about what the community has to offer, please visit the Chatter Zone webpage.

As well as parents, kids and teens, we also have vast experience researching alumni. To reflect this, and help universities to strengthen relationships with their alumni, we have recently launched our new alumni market research offering, alumnus. To find out more about alumnus, and how it can help your institution of higher education, please visit the alumnus webpage.

Please feel free to have a look at our education sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Education Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Education Twitter account: @DJS_Education

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